Glades Formulating Corporation is an independent formulator in business since 1965. Serving primarily agricultural markets, GFC formulates nutritionals, adjuvants and agrichemicals to customer specifications for domestic and international markets.

GFC provides toll formulation services to agrichemical manufacturers and distributors. GFC can produce and package these chemicals in many sizes, from industry standard 2×2.5 gl cases and 50 lb bags of impregnated granules to 3 oz jars and 20,000 gallon railcars.

In addition to Toll Formulation and Packaging services, GFC also provides Warehousing services. Storage and handling enable the customer to save overhead and still have a place to store and ship product to and from. Located on rail siding and near major coastal ports, GFC is equipped to serve the international and southeastern agricultural and turf/ornamental markets from a strategic South Florida location.