Glades Formulating Corporation offers a full line of agricultural chemicals in addition to proprietary foliar fertilizers, micronutrients, and adjuvants under the GFC label. Below is a list of popular products, with labels. Custom products (NPK fertilizers and micronutrients tailored to growers' needs) are available upon request.

Methomyl 5G Granular Insecticide

A unique 5% granular formulation of Methomyl, a carbamate insecticide used on sweet corn in Florida and Georgia. GFC is the only chemical company with an EPA label for this formulation.
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Rally Nutritionals

Rally Nutritionals feature stress relief technology, carbohydrates, amino acids, and plant extracts. This novel blend is designed to relieve abiotic stress, stimulate plant metabolism, and increase absorption and mobility of nutrients. Rally Nutritionals contain technology that helps to relieve and prevent stress damage due to various abiotic stress conditions. These formulations reduce crystallization of nutrients on plant surfaces, improving nutrient uptake, absorption and translocation. The blend improves plant metabolism by providing additional plant energy. The relief of stress and improved metabolism and utilization of nutrients can aid in improving total plant physiology and result in improved marketable yield.
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Green Flag Nutritionals

The Green Flag formulations are glucoheptonate-chelated micronutrients enhanced with a blend of biostimulants. The addition of organic acid extracts derived from humic acids and Ascophyllum Nodosum provide a synergistic effect that aids in the absorption and translocation of nutrients. The optimal blend of chelated micronutrients and biostimulants, Green Flag micronutrients give the Green Flag for growth. Click here for labels and more information.

ZoneAce X-O-X Technology

GFC ZoneAce formulations use highly-efficient sources of Nitrogen and Potassium that can be applied at high rates without risk of phytotoxicity. Triazone nitrogen is a stable closed-ring molecule with high rates of absorption and translocation, low volatilization rate, and is a natural spreader. Potassium Acetate has been shown in studies to be absorbed significantly quicker than traditional foliar potassium sources, with very low risk for phytotoxicity. Both the Triazone and Potassium Acetate molecules have shown exceptional compatibility in tank mixes and are quickly soluble - making them an attractive alternative to mixing N and K sources such as Urea and Potassium Nitrate. ZoneAce formulations provide a modern version of X-O-X fertilizers for foliar application, with increased efficiency, absorption, and low risk for phytotoxicity. Click here for labels and more information.


GFC manufactures a variety of micronutrient products for agriculture and turf/ornamental uses, varying from traditional glucoheptonates to next generation organic acid chelates. Click here for labels and more information.

Foliar Fertilizers

GFC manufactures NPK fertilizers from various sources. From potassium acetate for foliar applications, to slow-release nitrogen, to humic acids, GFC provides custom, tailored slutions for growers' needs. Click here for labels and more information.

Spray Adjuvants

GFC carries a full line of adjuvants to enhance and modify spray conditions. Click here for labels and more information.


Orthophosphate blends made with high quality phosphoric acid and potassium hydroxide.