Services & Capabilities

Liquid Formulation

GFC has expertise and equipment to manufacture, formulate, and package products that are either water or hydrocarbon based. We have tanks of varying sizes and constructions with accurate weighing and metering devices to ensure accurate, precise measurements of materials.

Liquid Blending - custom blends of materials to customer specifications. These products can be as diverse as pesticides, liquid fertilizers, or surfactant blends, and can be packaged in virtually any packaging or size. All tanks are on load cells for highly accurate measurement of raw materials - guaranteeing a consistent end use product. GFC has 316 Stainless Steel tanks of varying size, enabling formulation of select exothermic processes.

Emulsifiable Concentrates - ECs are formulations of pesticides where the active ingredient is typically not water soluble. A concentration of an active ingredient is dissolved in an appropriate solvent package, and blended with an emulsifier to make it water-soluble. This is an ideal formulation to use non-water soluble pesticides in a practical manner.

Granular Impregnation

GFC is equipped with a Munson Rotary Batch Mixer, for uniform impregnation of granules. This equipment can be used to impregnate granules of various substrates - clays, minerals, and other carriers. Impregnated granules can be packaged in a variety of sizes and packaging types as needed by customers.


Liquid Packaging

GFC has equipment to package or repackage liquids of varying viscosity in a large variety of different containers. Our capabilities range from 3 oz to 20,000 gallon railcars. Our automatic and semi-automatic packaging lines enable us to package large quantities in a short time, minimizing packaging cost for the customer. GFC can also repackage from bulk into package sizes of the customer's specifications.

Dry Packaging

GFC has valve bag fillers capable of filling various sized bags.

Warehousing - GFC has over 25,000 sqft of storage space, and with a location in the center of Florida, is an ideal distribution location. With rail service, and close to coastal ports and major highways, GFC is situated in an excellent location to provide for warehousing needs.

Rail Access - raw materials can be brought in to GFC's rail siding, saving material costs.

Bulk Storage - GFC has a secured, roofed, diked tank farm for storage of raw materials or finished products. This enables saving of warehousing cost, leaving liquid products in bulk until final packaging.

Formulation assistance - with 45 years in the agrichemical formulating industry, GFC has a wide range of experience with a variety of chemicals and can provide formulation assistance to customers. This ranges from sources of raw materials, to providing bench samples of new products to assist in R&D.